Uni TY

Pluszowe jednorożce (oraz konie) z dużymi oczami

Firma: TY
Seria: Beanie Boos

Post: Firma Ty - Pluszowe jednorożce z dużymi oczami

Magic (pink unicorn with purple horn)
Urodziny: 20 wrzesień (2014)
"Everyone loves my pretty pink fur
And casting spells is fun for sure!"
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Pegasus (white unicorn with gold horn)
Urodziny: 12 listopad (2017)
"I have a gold horn and my fur is all white
These bright colors make it hard to hide in the night!"
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Fantasia (multicolor unicorn with gold horn)
Urodziny: 8 maj (2016)
"Come close...I have a secret for you
I wish your dreams and wishes come true."
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Harmonie (speckle unicorn with yellow and blue horn)
Urodziny: 7 wrzesień (2018)
"I sing because it's a lot of fun
But only when I sit in the sun!"
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Candy Cane (holiday unicorn with silver horn)
Urodziny: 29 grudzień (2018)
"I am always dreaming of the day
That I'll be able to lead the sleigh"
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Pixy (white unicorn with rainbow horn)
Urodziny: 26 maj (2017)
"At carnivals I ride the ferris wheel
Then play some games and eat a meal!"
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Rainbow (purple unicorn with pink horn)
Urodziny: ?
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Blitz (blue unicorn)
Urodziny: 12 styczeń (2018)
"Blitz is our shiny new unicorn
She has great big eyes and sparkly horn."
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Diamond (white sequin unicorn) - BRAK
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Sparkle (pink sequin unicorn) - BRAK
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Harriet (brown horse)
Urodziny: 20 grudzień (2018)
"I'm very important and my name is Harrier
Because my special job is to lead the chariot!"
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